Friday, July 25, 2014

Cleanup of 1900 Block of Snyder Ave

We're cleaning up Snyder Avenue, a block at a time!  We're starting over in the cycle from 19th to 25th and working on the 1900 block this week.  I won't be there to provide gloves and bags, so please bring your own!

We'll meet Saturday (7/26) at 10am on the corner of 19th and Snyder and pick up trash for about an hour.

The schedule for the next two months is below.  If it's raining one Saturday, we'll just skip that block and get back to it on the next round.  Hope to see you there!

7/26   1900 Block of Snyder
8/9     2000 Block of Snyder
8/23   2100 Block of Snyder
9/6     2200 Block of Snyder
9/20   2300 Block of Snyder
10/4   2400 Block of Snyder
10/18 1900 Block of Snyder

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